Cricut Flower Making 101

18 May 2022

We’re a little obsessed with flower making. So much so that we had to share with you our favourite projects available to make now to create your own forever flowers.

Whether you are making flowers for your home, as accessories, or for your wedding, there is a range of flowers ready for you to create in Design Space.

The below are ready-to-make projects, which means all you have to do is find the project page in the project area of Design Space, select ‘Make It’ and you can start making! The project pages even come with step-by-step instructions for assembling too so you can go from cutting to making immediately.


These beautiful flowers are perfect for forever in the home and as a part of a wedding bouquet. The flower is a ready-to-make project available on Design Space that features a fully bloomed peony and some buds too.

On the peony project page, you will also find the step by step instructions on how to make the flowers after cutting out to help you create your perfect peonies.

The project uses felt but you could use crepe paper, cardstock, or sculpting foam.


This sweet flower is easy to create and looks beautiful as part of a floral arrangement or as a singular flower in a vase. They can even be attached to hairbands.

This project is available as a ready-to-make project in Design Space and is made with felt. You could use another material to create a version of this pretty flower.


This flower is certainly a show stopper with intricate petals to make a large flower head. With hot glue, this technique is easy to create when using felt.

Check out the ready-to-make project in Design Space now.


Another big and beautiful flower head. You can make these in lots of different colours and we used felt to help with shaping the petals.

You can find this as a ready-to-make project in Design Space now.


You can’t help but smile when you see a bright and bold sunflower. This project would be great as part of a flower wall with its eye-catching details or you could make a bouquet of them!

We used cardstock with the ready-to-make project available in Design Space.


These make beautiful wedding flowers as part of a bouquet. Anemones can be found in a variety of colours and we have gone for pastel pink petals and used cardstock to create the flower.

Search for Pink Anemone in the Projects section on Cricut Design Space or click here for this lovely ready-to-make project.

Crepe Paper Bouquet

This impressive bouquet contains multiple types of flowers to assemble for an eye-catching arrangement. Whether they are forever flowers in the home or for the big day, they will not disappoint.

As this is a ready-to-make project, it means that each flower is already created on the canvas so all you need to do is select ‘Make It’ and then follow the on-screen instructions for making. Remember each project also comes with instructions to help you assemble each flower.

Wedding Arch

For the big day, you might have in mind lots of beautiful decorations but want to cut the price down by making them yourself! This wedding arch is not only gorgeous but a great handmade option. Think of all the photos you could have with this as your backdrop!

This project is available on Design Space and like each project mentioned, includes step-by-step instructions for assembling.

Wedding Arch Handmade Cricut Project Ideas

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