Creative Trends for 2022 that you can ‘Cricut’

7 January 2022

It’s always a good idea to get ahead with 2022 trends. Whether you make to sell or you create for you, knowing the trends will help you stay ahead of the game throughout 2022. You might also be able to pre-empt homewares or products you’ll see appearing on the high street.

We have gathered the top creative trends to help inspire your making for 2022 based on Google trends and Pinterest trends.

Feeling Celestial

For parties, weddings, accessories, and home decor, a celestial theme is in demand. The sun, the moon, the stars… Whatever the focus, your makes will be out of this world.

Emma Jewell Crafts had a celestial-themed wedding in which she shared all her handmade decor with us in a blog here.

Celestial trend 2022

On Instagram, we shared a tutorial on how to personalise sandals with moon and star images that would be perfect for the celestial theme. See the video here.

Personalised Moon Phase Sandal project idea

There are also Celestial-styled mug designs in Design Space that friends and family will be over the moon with.

Mystic Mug Design in Cricut Design Space

See the Mystic Mug Set project here.

Parties For Every Occasion

We all love a good birthday party or baby shower, but there is more demand for parties for many milestones a person might go through such as adoption, divorce, kids leaving home and pet parties too!

On Cricut Design Space there are hundreds of ready-to-make projects waiting to be made for a party. Head to Projects and filter by the category ‘Parties and Events’ to find a variety of projects such as banners, hats, personalised clothing, gift wrap and more.

Celebration party trends 2022

There are some great projects that could fit into numerous celebrations such as the above Celebration Bottle Wraps ready-to-make project that you can find on Design Space here.

Party project ideas Cricut Design Space

Party hats are always welcome! Find the Celebrate Party Hats Project on Design Space here.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Indoor plant aesthetic has been on the rise for years and is here to stay as a trend in 2022. In the home, makers are going the extra mile with biophilic room designs and decorating their spaces with as many plants as possible.

There are lots of plant-inspired makes in the community such as these plant-tastic leafy pun plant pots by lormudesigns on Instagram.

Personalised plant trend 2022

Kathy from the Cricut UK team made plant-themed mugs that could even be used as plant pots too! These designs are available as a project in Design Space. See the project here.

Plant themed mug personalisation

If you love plants, but they don’t love you, making your own is a great way to go. Create paper plants like RebeccaMarieCreative has on Instagram using the Begonia Leaf Design from Cricut Design Space (search for #M1AEF4B47, #M1AEF4B33, #M1AEF4B3D).

Paper Begonia Plant idea

See how to make here.

Additionally, if you’re after a nature wall for the home, you could create your own like Rebecca has with a jungle leaf theme.

Paw-fect Pet Decor

Pet owners will always go that extra mile and it seems the pets are enthusiastic about personalisation too!

Luxury pet furniture is on trend with personalised dog beds and stylish catified corners in high demand.

Debs from BagononStyle on Instagram personalised her pooches bed with his name using vinyl! See her video here.

Personalised Dog Bed Trend 2022 Idea

Personalising beds, their collars and bowls are a great way to level up your pets space and accessories. We adore Hollie from HollieTurnerDesign on Instagram’s personalised bowl for her cute cat Maisie!

Personalised Cat Bowl Trends 2022

Loud and Proud Besties

Matching accessories, personalised clothing and best friend labels are friendship goals in 2022.

Studiofour_weddings on Instagram creates personalised wedding drinkware with permanent vinyl that is sure to delight besties everywhere.

Personalisation trend 2022

Matching mugs would be a great best friend gift, like these lovely twinning mugs Tara from Ourlayeredhome on Instagram created with her Cricut Mug Press™.

Cricut Mug Press project Idea

Spaces Made Just For You

There is a rising popularity in creating spaces perfect for you to decompress and take a moment of mindfulness. According to Pinterest, crystal rooms, music-themed rooms and library rooms are driving searches. on Instagram styled a wall with leaf designs and letters in vinyl! Removable vinyl is perfect for wall decals in the home so that you can create beautiful decor with ease.

Vinyl wall decal using Cricut

Create wall art that speaks to you like Laura from on Instagram who creates beautiful floral-inspired wall art like the decor below.

Papercraft wall art idea with Cricut

2022 Cricut Makes

We are super excited to see what the community creates in 2022. Don’t forget to share with us on Instagram your creations using @cricut_uk. Your project could be shared on our stories or in a blog post like this one!

If you’re a beginner and need help getting started, check out our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide.