Celebrating 200,000 Images In Cricut Design Space

5 November 2021

Did you know you can now access over 200,000 images in Cricut Design Space?

From themes such as holidays, school, wedding or home organisation to abstract designs, animals, sports, campaigns or causes. There are even images that have been designed specifically for the UK and Ireland. You can now access a wealth of designs in Cricut Design Space to suit whatever project you are making.

Cricut Access subscribers are able to utilise these images and create projects with them. You will find any images, projects, and fonts included in Cricut Access have the little ‘a’ icon in the top left corner. If you are not a Cricut Access subscriber you may be charged an additional fee to use each image (find out about free images for non-subscribers here). Anyone can create designs on the Design Space canvas using any image from the 200,000-strong library; you will only be charged when the machine cuts, draws, or creates a project with the image.

Regional Images

Design Space now has regular Designers creating images for crafting occasions all over the globe! From UK slang to images that resonate with our culture, you can now find a vast amount of images specifically created for UK & Ireland.

Our current UK Designers are:

Emma Jewell Crafts

Find out more about Emma here.

Emma has created multiple image sets that are available on Cricut Design Space. If you love UK sayings, baking-inspired images, and positive affirmations you will love Emma’s current images.

Current Image Sets Available on Design Space by Emma Jewell Crafts are:

  • Emma Jewell – Baking
  • Emma Jewell – Halloween
  • Emma Jewell – Musical Theatre
  • Emma Jewell – Good Luck
  • Emma Jewell – Down The Pub
  • Emma Jewell – UK Sayings
  • Emma Jewell – British Seaside
  • Emma Jewell – British Food
  • Emma Jewell – Girl Gang
  • Emma Jewell – Happy Birthday Mate

Cat Madeira

Find out more about Cat here.

Cat’s cute designs cover a range of topics and are perfect for adding decorations to all kinds of projects.

Current Image Sets available on Design Space by Cat Madeira are:

  • Cat Madeira – Seaside
  • Cat Madeira – Space and Retro
  • Cat Madeira – Pop Art
  • Cat Madeira – Cheeky Collection

Luke Jones

Find out more about Luke here.

From gaming to girl’s night out, to the seaside, Luke’s range of images are fun and could be used in all kinds of projects and materials.

Current Image Sets available in Design Space by Luke Jones are:

  • Luke Jones – Gaming
  • Luke Jones – Beside the Seaside
  • Luke Jones – Girls Night out

Other Features in Design Space and Cricut Access

Over 500 Fonts For You To Use

Whether you need cursive, bold, or a specific style to suit you, our vast amount of fonts give easy and quick options to enhance your project.

Thousands Of Ready-To-Make Projects

Do you ever see a project and think, ‘I want to make that?’ Well now you can. In our projects area, you can access thousands of projects in a variety of materials and themes and begin making with the click of a button.

From card projects, to vinyl decals, to iron-on designs, the projects available here give you the power to make beautiful projects with ease.

Unlimited Collections

Want to organise your own projects in Design Space so that they can be easily accessed?

WithCricut Access, you can create as many collections as you need. Without Cricut Access you can create up to five collections, but with the subscription, you can go beyond this for the ultimate project organisation.

Savings Online

Get 10% off each time you shop online at Cricut.com with your Cricut Access Subscription. This is automatically added each time you checkout so as you stock up on your materials, you save too!

The subscription can be paid monthly and annually to suit you. With an ever growing catalogue of images, fonts and projects, it is an easy solution to creating beautiful projects quickly.

You can find out more about the Cricut Access Subscription here.