Big Christmas Show 2022

14 September 2022

Welcome to the home of all things Big Christmas Show 2022!

Over 14th and 15th of September, we met with journalists and PR representatives as well as social media personnel and introduced them to Cricut.

You will find the digital copy of our Christmas Guide as well as tutorials on the projects found in the goodie bags and our beautiful stand!

What is Cricut?

If you are still wanting to learn more about what Cricut is, head to our information page here.

Digital Christmas Guide

Want to see all our festive making inspiration, written instructions for our projects, and a look at our products? Check out the digital version of our Christmas Guide which was shared at the Big Christmas show.

Goodie Bag Making Activities

Make your own Cracker

View, save, or make project in Design Space here.

Christmas cracker

Step one

Decorate your blank cracker with stars, sticking them on one side of the card.

How to make your own Christmas cracker

Step two

Tape the cracker snap to the center of the blank side of the cracker.

DIY cracker ideas

Step three

Add a little treat inside. Gifts like pin badges, miniatures and jewellery work great.

Cricut Christmas Cracker

Step four

Roll up the cracker, then tie a ribbon around both ends to finish.

DIY Cricut Christmas

Bear Bauble

View, save, or make project in Design Space here.

Cricut DIY Bauble Ideas

Step one

Gather the bauble, vinyl decal and ribbon.

Cricut Vinyl Bauble

Step two

Peel the bear decal off of the backer and place it onto the bauble. Smooth it down and make sure it is well stuck.

Personalised Christmas Bauble

Step three

Use the stars left behind to decorate around the bear.

Vinyl Cricut Christmas Decorations

Step four

Thread ribbon through the hole and tie a knot to finish.

Cricut DIY Bauble Ideas

You can also find the reusable gift wrap instructions and how we personalised Sheepers slippers in our digital gift guide.

Sustainable gift wrap project can be viewed, saved or made in Design Space here.

sustainable cricut gift wrap idea

Share your makes with us!

We want to see your Christmas making! Be sure to tag us on social media with @cricut_uk.

See our Christmas projects on Design Space! Save or make them for your Christmas Decor.