Alternative Father’s Day cards – cards for every dad

14 June 2021

This Father’s Day we want to celebrate all of the dads, even those who it’s hard to find a card for. Whether it’s the honorary dads, two dads or those who don’t share your DNA but give that dad energy 24/7, we have some ideas for alternative Father’s Day cards!

Cricut Joy is perfect for card making and who doesn’t love to receive a homemade card? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a special card for those honorary dads. The stepdads, foster dads, uncles, grandads, and all-round good eggs! The ones who are always there for you when you need someone to do some DIY, give you a lift or tell you the most awful jokes!

We’ll use Cricut Joy, insert cards and the Cricut Joy Foil Transfer Tool to create our card.

You will need:

Step One

Open Cricut Design Space and search for the design ‘Honorary Dad Card’ or image reference #M2923EBD7 in the image library. Select it and add it to your canvas.

Step Two

Update the line type of all of the pen layers to foil, then click ‘Make It’.

Step Three

Place the Insert Card on the card mat by sliding it into the mat layers. Make sure the front of the card is well stuck down to the mat. Place a sheet of foil, coloured side up, on top of the card then use the tape provided to secure the foil on all four sides. Stretch the foil taut as you go to ensure best results.

Step Four

Remove the blade from your Cricut Joy and insert the Foil Transfer Tool. Load the mat into the machine, chose Insert Card Cardstock as your material setting, then click ‘Go’. Once the foiling is complete, carefully remove the foil sheet from the mat, making sure not to eject the mat from the machine.

Step Five

Next, swap the Foil Tool with the blade. Click ‘Go’ on your device so that the machine can start cutting.

Step Six

Once the machine has finished cutting, click ‘Unload’ to remove the mat from the machine. Gently remove the card from the mat and add in the insert card to all four corners of the card to complete it.

More alternative Father’s Day cards

Here are some more ideas for alternative Father’s Day cards for all dads:

For the dads that choose you – no DNA required. Click here to make the ‘Brave’ card and click here to make the ‘Love not DNA’ card.

For those with double the dad love, let them both know what wonderful dads you have. For ‘Double the Love’ search for image #M29C64C54 and for ‘Wondeful Dads’ search for image #M29C64C73.

If you are making Father’s Day cards this year, don’t forget to share them with us by tagging Cricut UK on Facebook (Cricut UK), Instagram (@Cricut_UK) or TikTok (Cricut_UK).