3 ideas to get you started with Cricut Autopress

12 May 2022

If you haven’t already seen what makes Cricut Autopress different from anything on the market, be sure to visit our blog post on everything you need to know about Cricut Autopress . In this post, let’s get started with three ideas on how to make the most of your Cricut Autopress with projects that you can do in batches.

If you plan on making lots of the same kind of project, be sure to grab an extra mat to help expedite the process. Read our other blog posts to learn more about how to make more in less time.

Sports team t-shirts

Are you this season’s go-to T-shirt maker for your football, rugby or netball team? Cricut Design Space holds hundreds of projects and images to use on different sports shirts and tops. Browse through T-shirt content on Design Space here or navigate to this area of Design Space by searching in the Clothing & Accessories section under the People & Places category. From there, you can filter the sub-categories further to T-shirt Designs. This category alone has over 1,500 designs that you can use.

Don’t want to design an entire T-shirt? Try this ready-to-make project — simply add a name to the design to personalise!

Personalised address signs

In the business of making home décor? This wooden address sign is a warm addition to cold doorways.

Cricut Autopress auto adjusts to materials up to 5cm (2” thick), so whether you want to create home décor out of wood signs or a collection of custom ceramic coasters, you won’t need to worry about manually changing pressure settings.

Large floral cushion design

With the larger 38 cm x 30 cm (15″ x 12”) heat plate that Cricut Autopress offers, you can now press larger designs in one press, like this Marble Flower pillow. Although larger designs were possible with EasyPress before Cricut Autopress, the larger heat plate means you don’t need to press the same material multiple times.

Looking for more?

We hope you get started using your Cricut Autopress with these projects, or at the very least sparked some inspiration for your next big project!

Check out Design Space for hundreds of thousands of images or check out Cricut.com for even more detail about Cricut Autopress.