Experience Level: Beginner          Time Commitment: 1 hour

Like many of you, we at Cricut are working from home and trying to stay busy! This fun, easy project is perfect to use any leftover materials you have on hand and help beat the “work from home” blues by staying active!

Hello, Cricut Members! We know many of you are home more often than usual right now, so we wanted to share what we’re doing to stay busy (and crafty!) while we’re away from the office.

For me, this sudden lifestyle change has been hard on my workout schedule! With gyms closed and routines shaken up, it’s been important to me to stay active and mindful – it’s the best way to relief stress for me (besides weeding…;))

I decided to grab some of the removeable vinyl scraps around my house to make a workout tracker to make sure I do something to get moving as often as possible! I put my tracker up on my bathroom mirror, where I can update it easily and see my progress every day! Follow along below to see how I did it, and comment what kinds of cool things you’re doing with all this new-found “free time”!

What you’ll need:

  • Removeable Vinyl (I had lots of colors, but you can simplify by doing just 1. I used all my scraps up.)
  • Transfer tape
  • Scissors
  • Scraper

To use this image, search #M6B8BDE in Design Space.

How to make your workout tracker:

First, I found this great calendar image in design space! It’s perfect for starting in the middle of the month and going into the next. I selected it and put it on my canvas. Keep in mind, there are more than 3,000 free images in Design Space right now.  If you are not a Cricut Access subscriber, be sure to filter your images to “free” and peruse those images first as you look for icons for your grid. Learn how to filter your images here.

Next, I selected the image on my canvas, and clicked “Ungroup” so I could make the grid one color and the words another color. I made the grid white, and the letters navy blue. This was perfect for the sizes of removeable vinyl I have on hand!

I sized my calendar to be 11” wide, because that fit my space best and would allow the words to be legible. If you don’t have 11” of material or space to put it up, you could abbreviate the days to “S M T W T F S” or “Sun Mon Tues…” Personalize your tracker however is best for you!

Does anyone else make things artistically crooked in their finished projects to make them easier to put? I do! I made sure my days of the week cut separately so I could place them playfully on the calendar for my finished project.

Tip: If you want them all straight and perfectly spaced, select them all at once during this step and click “Attach” in the bottom right corner of Design Space.

Now, this was the hard part: picking my icons! I have a handful of activities I typically do, and there are so many cute options for them in DS! I chose these icons to represent biking, hiking, yoga, and weight lifting.

I used the contour feature to remove the extras from each image to simplify my icons.

Once my icons were ready, I color coded them to add some brightness to my home. I cut out a handful of each to have on hand to quickly update my tracker once I complete an activity!
Now, we cut!

Tip: If you’re using scraps like I did for some colors, you can rearrange your icons on this screen to make sure it cuts on even the funkiest shapes of vinyl!

Since I used to many colors, I ended up having 6 mats in this project! While each one was cutting, I was weeding the one ahead of it.

I put my vinyl on top of my cutting mat to weed to protect my table underneath.

Never used transfer tape? Learn more about it here.

Now to apply! First, I cleaned my mirror. I’ll be honest, I only cleaned it because I knew all our Cricut fans would be watching!

I tried my best to minimize waste of transfer tape during my application process. I love that you can reuse transfer tape! I did one big piece for my grid, and used the same 2 small pieces for the days of the week and the icons.

Once I got going, applying it to my mirror was a breeze! I back-filled some workouts I did earlier this week, and am loving how it turned out! These icons are so cute, and really make me want to “earn” as many as I can!

And, it’s done! Super easy and a fun way to keep busy and active until life gets back to normal.
I hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse into some of the ways we at Cricut are staying busy & crafty while at home. How are you staying creative, healthy and positive? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!