Friendsgiving DIYs to share thanks and celebrate

2 November 2021

The day of giving thanks is right around the corner, and while many may celebrate with family and loved ones, your group of friends can get together as well.

Friendsgiving became more popular with the rise of social media, and each year they get bigger and better. Joining together with your close friends to share thanks is a memorable way to kick off the holiday season, so why not do it in style? Cricut makes it easy to spice up your celebration with Friendsgiving DIYs for a day of laughter, friendship, and full bellies.

Decorating your space for any holiday can make you feel more at home, even if just for a one-night celebration. Set the table and the holiday mood with colorful plate displays drawn with Cricut Maker 3. From cartoon turkeys to extravagant cornucopias, these displays create a happy atmosphere, alongside a table full of food. 

Friendsgiving DIYs table decorations

Cricut Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock is the perfect material to make a vibrant garland. Hanging garlands adds height to your space, and you can choose any shape you desire — including these colorful autumn leaves. Adhesive cardstock makes this decor much easier to display because it will hold itself up, so you avoid putting tacks or nails in the walls. The best part is you can arrange the leaves in any way you want, giving it your own unique touch!

Vinyl decals stay in season, and sometimes, the most subtle decorations are the most prominent accents. Cut your desired image on Cricut Removable Vinyl to paste on the nearest mirror or window for a temporary embellishment. These are a quick addition to your decorative repertoire, and your friends will love them. 

Cricut Design Space offers thousands of festive images to choose from, so why wait? Pick your favorite decorations to give your home an autumnal upgrade for some fabulous Friendsgiving festivities. No matter who you celebrate your thanks with, Cricut has your decorations covered.

Show us your Friendsgiving DIYs

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