Freshen up your beverage cart with Cricut

7 October 2022

Getting settled into a new college house is an exciting challenge. Finding all the right household items and decorations can be tricky when you’re trying to decorate a shared space to suit everyone’s tastes. My roommates and I chose to freshen up a beverage cart for our dining area to give the space some color! With my Cricut Maker, I successfully crafted a beverage cart that incorporates all of my housemates’ fun personalities and interests.

Tray Design

Creating a unique beverage cart starts with the basics. I chose to create a vinyl decal of a vibrant image from Cricut Design Space. I placed it onto the top tray to lay a colorful foundation and bring life to a once ordinary cart. Cricut Design Space offers countless image options, so it was easy to find one all of the housemates agreed on.

Drink Stirrers

You never know how much Cricut can do until you come across a new project idea and realize you already have the materials! Drink stirrers are a small, but necessary addition to any beverage cart makeover. These custom-designed stirrers are perfect for any drink. Cricut Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock makes this project easy and flexible for any design or theme.

Personalized Glasses

Celebrating a new house is an important step in the moving process. My housemates and I decided to “cheers” using personalized glasses to make the celebration more memorable. Each of us chose a different image for our glass to give them a custom feel, but no matter the font or design, these glasses are always a hit!

Framed Prints

A cart without flair can feel like a waste of space in the home. Incorporating colors and patterns to give the beverage cart a theme is an easy fix. These framed prints can be created with Cricut using a variety of materials and are perfect for placing around or on the cart.

Now sit back and relax with your new beverage cart

Any addition to a college home must consider the styles of all roommates, and customizing this beverage cart with Cricut made the task easy. There are endless ways to include fun accessories and themes to a beverage cart, and Cricut crafts made it budget and roommate friendly.

Cheers to new ideas and creative crafting! Show off your beverage carts and accessories by tagging us on social media using #Cricutmade.