Emma Wiggle combines crafting with showbiz

7 December 2021

If you’re a fan of fruit salad, you might have heard of the iconic Australian children’s music group, The Wiggles!

We’re super excited to share that one of our Wiggly friends, Emma Wiggle, has joined the Cricut family. Known for her “bow-tiful” bow, Emma is a creative soul – she loves entertaining, performing, arts and crafts!

When you meet Emma in person, she’s practically bursting with imagination. For her most recent TV show, Emma! Series 3, she crafted a lot of the props herself. So, as you might guess, when she first got a Cricut machine, she was unstoppable when it came to crafting!

With Cricut, Emma has been busy personalising her backdrops with her bow-tiful bows, making cards with Cricut Joy, a mug with the new Mug Press, and more.

Better yet, her signature bow and other Wiggly templates are now available in Cricut Design Space*! Find them by searching for “The Wiggles” in image set search.

Read on as we chat with Emma about her journey with Cricut!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey with Cricut!

Emma: Hi, I’m Emma Wiggle, and I love dancing and creating. Ever since I was little, I have loved making things, painting and learning how to knit from my Nana. A friend of mine from Canada told me about Cricut, and now I have been intrigued with how to make…. Everything…… there are too many possibilities!

Q: What have you made with Cricut?

Emma: I have made a lot of bows! I love the vinyl and sticker paper; I think I just love the idea of making stickers in general. I’ve tried to make some insert cards, mug designs, iron-on transfers and mostly designs for DIY backdrops at home. I have been filming at home during the lockdown, and so I have been creating paper and material backdrops to film in front of for all sorts of things –  crafting, book reading and social media videos.

Q: What do you love the most about Cricut?

Emma: I love being able to make multiples of everything…. Especially bows (I always need many bows). But I’m still so fascinated by the way Cricut automatically separates things into different layers, and if it is cut or draw – I just think that’s amazing.

Q: What has been your favourite thing to make so far?

Emma: I feel proud of making iron-on bows onto a backdrop because it reminds me of my Mum in preschool ironing on my name tag on all my items. I always thought that was so fun and that Mum was so clever (and still is) to put my name on material things like pillowcases for nap time.

Q: Tell us about what you crafted before discovering Cricut for Emma Series 3!

Emma: Everything! In the new ‘Emma series 3’ I made all the sets and props, mostly out of paper and cardboard, and Mum made a bow stencil, and we were cutting bows for days (we didn’t know about the Cricut then, haha). I did enjoy making a life-size fence for my pretend goats out of cardboard, a tent structure from leftover material rolls and ‘bownoculars’ from toilet rolls.

Q: What’s next on your “to-make” list?

Emma: I’m looking forward to making some essentials like customised pencil cases, makeup cases or even tote bags!

Q: What’s your advice to those just starting out with Cricut?

Emma: Start with some of the ready-to-make projects to get the hang of the concept of the machines. I think cards and stickers are a good way to start and then let your imagination bring your craft dreams to life.

*Available in Australia & New Zealand only at this stage.