Easy paper flowers to show thanks

1 December 2021

Paper flowers help show thanks for childcare providers this holiday season.

While not as jarring as last year, 2021 has been a rollercoaster of emotions. As a mother of two, getting the littles ready for school as the world reopened was nerve-racking.

The one steadfast, reassuring figure throughout the year has been their teacher. As ordinances changed and policies adapted, their teacher transparently shared their approach and measures taken to keep the children safe, and acted as a sounding board to express the exhaustion of it all.

During this season of reflection, I can’t help but think about how grateful I am to childcare providers and teachers. They not only manage the millions of questions parents have as we navigate this new normal, they actively work to make sure our children feel safe and understand the new policies.

As a small thank you, I crafted a quick and simple gift with less than a handful of materials — cardstock, Cricut vinyl, hot glue, and a shadowbox.

One-cut, rolled flowers

In Design Space, I found a one-cut flower image (ID #M64E1075) that I replicated in several sizes and cut it out of cardstock. It’s an image that’s part of a Cricut Access image set, which means that it comes included free with your Cricut Access subscription.

Then I used the tweezer in the Basic Tool Kit to hold the outer-side of the flower and roll the rest of the cardstock around the tool. Once I rolled the paper, I took the glue gun to put a dollop of hot glue at the base of the flower, so it holds all the turns in place.

The gift

After picking a quote, I typed it into Design Space, cut it onto vinyl, weeded it and transferred it onto the shadowbox.

I then mapped out where I would place the flowers I cut out started to glue them into place.

PRO TIP: As you place the flowers, leave some space between the edge and where the flower will be glued. This way, the full width of the flower will fit and not get caught outside of the frame.

Grateful for childcare

This is just a small token of appreciation for everything childcare providers do for our children. Their patience, understanding, appreciation and care of our kids is immeasurable. This season, I’m immensely thankful for them.