Easy DIY gifts to custom-make for your friends

6 December 2021

As a college student, finding the time and money for thoughtful holiday gifts can be quite the challenge.

The season of giving is all about showing your friends and family how much you appreciate them, and extravagant gifts are not always necessary to do that. My Cricut Explore 3 is my new best friend this holiday season because it’s allowing me to give a lot for a little less. Here are some of my favorite Cricut-made gifts for your friends and loved ones.

A personalized laptop case to match any style

We’re living in a digital age, which means more likely than not, your friend owns a laptop. Designing a fun hardshell case for them to snap onto their laptop and show off to their peers is a creative and easy gift. If you know their favorite shape, animal, food, or even abstract blobs, Cricut can make it! The flat surface of the case makes for clean vinyl transfer, and ta-da, you have an affordable gift for the tech lover in your life. 

Custom glasses for every taste

Talk about trendy! These beer can-shaped glasses are all the rage right now, and Cricut helps make them unique to your taste. With endless designs at your fingertips, these glasses can be transformed to any theme and work for almost any drink. As a cute cup and mug collector, these are my dream gift for a presentation that makes all beverages so much more fun to drink!

DIY tote bags to match your bestie

When it comes to giving gifts, I always circle back to totes. Canvas tote bags are the top accessory right now, and they’re a worthy collectible. However, stylish totes are shooting up in price, which just does not cut it, especially if you’re trying to gift give to multiple people. Using Cricut Heat Press, you can custom design your own totes to perfectly suit the aesthetic of the wearer. To make this gift even better, create a matching tote so you and your bestie can rock them together!

Monogrammed pouches for your personal things

Keep it simple with a monogrammed pouch. Personalization with initials or a name is a quick Cricut cut and press! If you’re a small bag collector like me, this idea is an affordable and lovable option for almost any gift recipient.

What are you making?

To no surprise, Cricut saves the day once again! The holiday season would not be complete without my Cricut Explore 3 and some colorful vinyl to help gift-giving stay within budget. Show us your #CricutMade gifts on social media. I can’t wait to see what you make this holiday season!