Experience Level: Beginner

Time Commitment: Less than 30 minutes

In the craziness of the past few weeks, I’ve taken on many new roles… chef (I’ll be honest, our family did a lot of take out before), teacher (I sure do appreciate teachers more than ever now that I’m trying to explain topics like algebra that I don’t even understand myself) and nurse (on day 1 of quarantine my husband fell and fractured his leg, but that’s another story). So in the craziness of it all, I’ve missed making for one of my favorite holidays – Easter.  Yesterday, I found a little me time and made these adorable DIY vases.

Hoppy Easter Project

What You’ll Need:

Picking My Font

I started out by deciding which font to use for the “Hoppy Easter”.  Some of my favorite fonts are High Tide, Poker Night, Felix, Four Season Home Décor (showcased below in the same order).  I opted to go with Four Season Home Décor for this project.



I then created the bunny.  I used a couple of images – Did Some Bunny Say Easter and Cat Face.

Did Some Bunny Say Easter

The ears were perfect for what I was envisioning for the bunny face, but I didn’t need the copy.  Easy fix – simply turn off the copy by clicking the “eye” on the far right side of the screen.

Cat Face

On the Cat Face image, I realized, I didn’t need all of the facial features so I contoured to remove the parts of the image I didn’t need.  Confession: I was terrified of contouring before I used it the first time.  I assume it would be overwhelming.  Turns out, it is so incredibly easy.  If you haven’t tried it, here is a quick tutorial.

It’s in the Details

To add a little extra touch, I decided to change the nose into a heart by adding a shape from the left column.

You’re Nearly Done!

After cutting my layers and weeding the excess material away, all I had left was to place the vinyl on the vases.  The letters I treated as stickers – simple peel and stick onto each vase.  I used transfer tape for the bunny.  From start to finish, I had a cute Easter ready table in less than 30 minutes.