Diwali DIYs to celebrate the festival of lights

1 November 2021 by Alexis Gulbransen

Diwali, a widely celebrated holiday for those of Indian descent, is a gorgeous and hopeful occasion. Often called the “festival of lights,” Diwali represents the victory of light over dark and good over evil.

Drawing inspiration from its light and hopeful message, we’ve created a variety of vibrant Diwali DIYs projects, perfect as holiday décor and handcrafted keepsakes. Sharing your light and love with something homemade is a heartfelt way to express appreciation and set the tone for celebrations to come.

Diwali invites friends and family to gather together and press optimistically into the future. As part of this 5-day festival, many families decorate their homes with gorgeous luminaries, flowers, and other adornments. It’s also traditional to exchange small gifts of appreciation with loved ones.

Check out these four ideas for your Diwali DIYs this year.

Four ideas for Diwali DIYs

Lovely lanterns and luminaries

You’ll find home and hearth glowing with lantern light during the Diwali celebration. Colorful paper lanterns are hung indoors and out to represent the triumph of light over dark and celebrate the lives of loved ones.

Our Diwali lamp set project equips you with all the instructions you need to craft these lanterns at home. You can stick to the bright white template or mix it up other craft board and vellum colors. This project shines even brighter when paired with our pentagonal lamp project, or surrounded by colorful candle holders. You’ll have a gorgeous, gleaming display in no time!

Colorful banners and door hangs

Floral garlands and hanging wall décor pay homage to Diwali’s focus on the colorful celebration of life. Our Design Space library maintains a wealth of craft flower projects, Diwali banners, and lamp-themed door hangs, perfect for filling your space with positive and vibrant hues.

Customizable keepsakes

Delight at your Diwali gift exchange with a personalized keepsake. Small but thoughtful gifts like our Diwali mug and monogrammed mandala candle make beautiful and practical tokens of gratitude for years to come. Cricut cutting machines easily craft intricate vinyl designs for tumblers, tees, and other uncommonly gifted items.

Handcrafted gift toppers

After you’ve crafted your keepsake, adorn it with a symbolic gift topper, like our Shubh topper. This DIY Diwali project represents the joy and prosperity of the holiday, wishing its recipient all the best the following year has to offer. If you’re looking for an additional glimmer, our flashy Diwali topper is another great embellishment for any gift!

Show us your Diwali DIYs

We wish you a happy and prosperous Diwali this year into the future! What are you most excited to craft for the upcoming festival of lights? Share your plans and projects on social using #Cricutmade!