Desk organization projects for your home workspace

4 October 2021

Creating an organized space to work in your home helps with focus and productivity.

Adding organization to a workspace — like creating open space on your desktop or adding labels books and folders — give a sense of control and definition. Without stray items and objects laying around cluttering your desk and mind, you can focus instead on getting the most out of your work day. Try these desk organization projects to help you create a distraction-free workspace.

Decorative desk trays

Desktop trays, albeit helpful, can feel a bit uninspired within your space. Dress up any tabletop arrangement with creative vinyl graphics that match the aesthetic of your home office. This abstract flower design adds vibrant pops of color and modern floral graphics for an artsy and minimalist touch. With your pens, tech, and other office accessories organized, you’ll feel ready to take on even the toughest school or work assignments!

Organizer labels

Another way to improve desk organization is to add customized labels. This especially comes in handy if you’re using opaque cubes or bins, so you can easily finds where all your essentials are stashed. Our Cricut Joy machine works especially great for these small labeling projects, especially when combined with Smart Label writable vinyl and sticker cardstock decals that make it fun and simple to spruce up your desk space. 

Folder and file labels

Similarly, writable vinyl works perfectly for labeling important folders and document sleeves. Rather than stressfully searching for a lost document, forgotten somewhere in the archives, crafting small folder labels for desk drawers or binder sections can help you find exactly what you need in no time.

Pretty but protective tech cases

Even when sitting atop your desk, it’s important to keep your tech protected from any dust, spills, or accidental dings. Crafting a sturdy sleeve or case allows you to stow and stash your tech and lesson the chance of damage. Add a personal touch to store-bought cases with vinyl and iron-on designs, or go one step further with this sewable vinyl case that shows off your tech without compromising protection.

Wall organizers and boards

Many workspaces, especially home offices, have wall space that can serve as additional room for organization. Moving small notes, photos, and art to the wall clears up precious desktop surface area. Installing a pegboard feature for the display of photos and other personal memorabilia is a great way to bring a bit of encouraging fun and positivity to your desk! You can also add a simple corkboard with fun and colorful accents to help keep track of important notes in a visually pleasing way.

Which of these desk organizing projects do you plan on creating to spruce up your space? Let us know and share your finished space on social using the #CricutMade hashtag!