Design Space app for iOS gets a refresh

1 November 2021

Learn more about the latest updates to the Cricut Design Space app on iOS.

Improving functionality and experience for Cricut Design Space remains one of our biggest priorities. On October 29, 2021, Design Space for iOS updates with features that make creating and designing, faster and easier for our members.

Updates to Design Space don’t stop at iOS. Our team actively works to support desktop and Android users, and we will continue to communicate software updates as we have them.

Cricut members already using the iOS app will find this new version as an update in the App Store.

What’s New in Design Space v 5.0.0

The following features will be available in Design Space v. 5.0.0:


Fonts hold a major role in project design. With the updated app, kerned fonts are the default. We also made finding and using fonts much easier, with the ability to filter fonts right on the Text screen. Filter your fonts by multiple categories, including:

  • Language
  • Project type
  • Style (sans-serif, serif, script, etc.)

Text on Canvas

Text editing is moving in-line, which means smoother editing experiences as you take advantage of some of these new features — like right-to-left text support for languages that require it, and special character support such as for diacritics and ligatures. Diacritics are characters with accents or pronunciation marks. Ligatures are multiple characters combined to make one characters, such as æ and œ.

Also included — spell check. System features like autocorrect, autocomplete, and spell check now work within the app.

Last, but certainly not least, Design Space for iOS now has better keyboard shortcut support. If you’re used to using shortcuts like CTRL-C, this is sure to help streamline your text editing on Canvas.

Refreshed branding and iconography

Throughout the app, navigation buttons and menu items have a new look. These match the desktop version more closely. This way, no matter which device you use to create, your experience with Design Space is cleaner and more consistent.  

System Requirements

Design Space users on iOS devices need iOS 14 or higher. The App Store presents only the version compatible with user iOS versions. If the installed version is lower than iOS 14, the App Store will not show the new version of Design Space as an available update.

iOS Timing

Design Space v 5.0.0 will be available in the App Store starting November 1, 2021.

Download the Cricut Design Space for iOS

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