4 August 2021
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A guru of study motivation and productivity, Ara of @studywithara shows us how to create a DIY study planner display to complete your gorgeous (and functional) dorm room decor.

Scrolling through Pinterest for dorm room ideas or watching the latest school supplies haul video on YouTube always makes me so excited for the back-to-school season. Going back to campus feels surreal after a year and a half of online learning but I feel so fortunate to attend my last year of my undergrad in person!

Dorm rooms are not exactly the largest spaces to work with. When it comes to dorm rooms or small apartment decor, every little detail counts for creating a clean, inviting, and comfy space. This DIY project is an aesthetic and functional piece that helps you keep track of your daily studies.

Popularized in South Korea, the 10 Minute Planner system ascribes to the theory that people are more productive in manageable, 10-minute segments. The study planner layout consists of four different segments:

Creating a DIY dorm room study planner with timetable.
  1. Date
  2. Hours Spent Studying
  3. Task List
  4. Timetable

In the timetable section, in the times that you are doing each task, each box represents 10-minute segments. As someone who has experimented with various schedule planning methods, this is one that has helped me stay on track, especially on those extra busy days!

Using Cricut Joy as a DIY dorm room layout planner.

Once you’ve finished transferring your design, flip the piece of glass over to reveal your final project! You now have a gorgeous and organized study planner display, perfect for back-to-school dorm decor.

You can use dry-erase markers or wet-erase markers to write on your display. Permanent markers will also work, but just need warm soapy water or acetone to clean.

Cricut machines are the go-to technology for anyone looking to craft and create customized décor and much more in the upcoming school season. I recommend checking out other Cricut organization projects, like their bullet journaling tips, to prep your schedule and schoolwork. In the meantime, give Cricut a shout and share your back-to-school projects using the #cricutmade tag– I can’t wait to see what you create!