23 December 2021
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Make the Quilt Block of the Month with inspiration from Victorian England.

This December, we’re focusing on Victorian England to round out our Quilt Block of the Month projects. In the Victorian era, flowers were used to portray specific sentiments. A rose, for example, could mean love or contentment depending on the color used. By contrast, an oleander may depict warn people to beware.

For this quilt block, we’ve outlined fabric colors to consider using but given how much color can change the meaning for these flowers, definitely use what feels right to you.

Once everything is in place briefly press the backside of the block to secure all of the pieces.

Use a zigzag or other decorative stitch along the edges of each cutout to secure the applique. We used monofilament thread.

Once all of the cutouts are secured your block is ready to be used as desired.

What are you making?

Want to use this block for something other than a quilt? Check out our ideas for a pillow sham, kitchen accessories, or even apparel.

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