Experience Level: Beginner          Time Commitment: Less than 30 minutes

I’m a big believer that kids need a routine to help establish healthy, constructive habits. And, even more so, kids can develop important life skills, self-reliance, and a strong work ethic by completing chores.

So, what better time to create a new daily schedule for the kiddos than while they are stuck at home?

Materials Needed:

This is a simple project – you need just three items, all of which, you probably already have at home.

Design the Schedule…

I started by creating a list of tasks that I’d like my daughter to complete each day.  She is five years old, so the list ranges from doing something nice for someone else to finishing her dinner (ideally without tears – hers or mine).  Searching the images in Design Space, I found icons to represent each task and created a weekly grid.

Helpful Tip!

There are nearly 3,000 free images in Design Space right now.  If you are not a Cricut Access subscriber, be sure to filter your images to “free” and peruse those images first as you look for icons for your grid.

Design the Stickers

For the stickers, she had a hard time deciding… should it be stars, no happy faces, or maybe checkmarks.  Oh, the things that keep five year olds up at night! We decided this week we’d go with the stars, but stickers are so easy to make with vinyl that I assured her that we can switch it up next week and make happy faces.

Helpful Tip!

There’s no need to place each star specifically on the mat. Instead, simply duplicate the image by the number of stars you need. When you are ready to make, Design Space will automatically load your stars onto your mat in the most efficient manner so that you don’t waste any vinyl.

Happy Kid / Happy Mom

In just a few minutes, we designed, drew, and cut everything we needed so that my kiddo knows exactly what is expected of her each day. We had a daily schedule catered to her time at home and even personalized with her touch!

Ready to create? Feel free to start with my project as a template – Daily Schedule and Stars. Open it up and customize it with your own personal touch.