Customize your kitchen with Cricut

22 December 2021

Here are nine ways to customize your kitchen appliances and accessories.

Customizing your kitchen space can be a costly and lengthy process, but they’re often the most used room in a house. According to the National Association of Home Builders, it’s the most common renovation project for homeowners. A Houzz study reports the average planning renovation for a kitchen, the longest of all home renovation projects, takes 8.3 months. It takes another 4.5 months on average for the proceeding construction phase. Kitchens are also the most expensive room to remodel. It is a big commitment!

If you’re not ready for a full remodel, we have other ways to personalize some of your most prized and most used possessions. The Cricut community has been reinventing the wheel when it comes to home customization:

Cricut members have also made appliances personal. From a simple embellishment to a complete makeover, the community is using Cricut to customize kitchen appliances and accessories. Check out a sampling of these projects for a bit of inspiration spark, but note — we definitely aren’t experts when it comes to appliances so decorate at your own risk!


Afreen Art Gallery

Afreen added a pop of color to her microwave by using her Cricut Explore Air 2. She created this vinyl décor through images in Design Space. There’s even a video tutorial on it!

Carissa Amell

Carissa made a decal for her sister using a font she found with heart embellishments. Her sister wanted something inspiration for her birthday. Simply, she typed it in Design Space and cut it on her machine with black vinyl.

Due to the small details, Carissa suggests gently lifting the cut dots or areas that are thinner initially away from the backer before fully weeding the design. She found that her sister had added it to the microwave only after she received a photo back!


Maryjo Lovernik

Maryjo decorated her dishwasher first with a vinyl decal. It was even her very first project! She loved it so much, she also added a vinyl decal to her oven.

Using Design Space images, she created this vinyl image to cut and transfer to her appliances. You can find similar single layered flower images in Design Space.


Kay Blanton

Kay created her own image and uploaded it to Design Space to decorate her dishwasher. She used her Cricut Maker to give this appliance the facelift it needed since it was so plain. The image is a repeated vinyl cut, similar to how these images on Design Space may be used. Pull out that Smart Vinyl!

Ashley Dawn Seyberth

Inspired by farmhouse décor, Ashley uploaded her own image and duplicated the tile pattern 20 times to fill the face of her dishwasher. She ended up doing 6 cuts on her Cricut Explore Air 2 with her 24” cutting mats. After diligently cleaning the face, she started at the bottom and worked her way up using black matte vinyl for that tone-on-tone look.

It’s been a great coverup for all the dents and scratchers that the appliance has endured over the years. The home was a rental for about 5 years before they bought it.


Emily Shaw

Emily wasn’t a huge fan of her plain, white refrigerator. With the measurements of the fridge in mind, she designed an image to upload to Design Space. She sliced the single continuous shape based off the size of the vinyl and cut it in sections to apply with transfer tape. The end result makes it feel like the decoration is part of the original design!

This can be customized to your taste, Emily mentioned. For instance, you could minimize planning time by using smaller, abstract shapes to create a similar look. She also recommends using removable vinyl, especially if you are renting.

Kitchen accessories

Will Hoover

No kitchen is complete without all the gadgets. Ladles, brushes, and spoons—oh my! Will created this custom kitchen utensil holder using only system fonts and the offset feature in Design Space.

Britni Gorrow

It was a gift for mom: old family recipes on new kitchen towels. Britni used printable iron-on (also known as printable HTV) to press these heirlooms in their original handwriting onto flour sack kitchen towels. She scanned the recipes, printed it onto iron-on vinyl, and cut it down to size. Then, the images were adhered to towels using her Cricut EasyPress.

Danielle Wall

Danielle renovated her caravan earlier this year using her Cricut machine. Wall décor, small cabinet embellishments, home decorations, and even custom personalization.

The biggest project? The kitchen backsplash!

By just using the shapes tool in Design Space, Danielle created a row of repeated hexagons at 22mm and with 3mm gap between each one. She repeated the rows, enough for an entire sheet, when cutting the vinyl on her machine.