Custom indoor planters perfect for every style

22 October 2021

We love greenery here at Cricut.

Whether they’re living or made of paper, there is just something wonderful about the way indoor plants brighten up a room. In fact, we hear that having indoor plants even boosts creativity. Of course, with every type of indoor plant, you also have to think about what kind of container to put it in. And we love seeing all the ways that people make custom indoor planters to hold all that positivity.

The kind of planters you use largely depend on the style of your home decor, of course. Our roundup includes popular custom indoor planters made for all the trending home decor styles we could find on Instagram.

Perfectly painted personal pottery

Using a Cricut machine and stencil vinyl, Ceramicist Christina Cheung customizes her pottery creations for colors and styles that match her customers.

Vintage-modern looks to make yours

DIY expert Anna Rose Johnson loves upcycling her thrifty finds.

For those with green thumbs

Create a space for indoor gardening and propagation. These types of ideas make way for new plants to thrive and grow while adding fresh life to your decor.

For people without them

Can’t keep plants alive? Paper plants and flowers may be the perfect solution for you.

Don’t forget the plants

Don’t know what plant to put in your amazing custom indoor planters? Realtor Jennifer Peak says that the right plants do more that just improve the aesthetics of a space; plants invite the energy of nature into your home and can be nourishing and healing for your personal energy. She recommends some specific plants known for their positive associations.

We want to see your plants and indoor planters! Share them with us by using @cricut and #cricutmade.