Cricut materials cheatsheet for beginners

9 December 2021

Stumped on Cricut materials?

Learn more on when to pick permanent vinyl, how to use iron-on, and more, all in our Materials Cheatsheet for Beginners.

We know that along with all the excitement around project possibilities, ideas, and creativity you can’t wait to tap into when you get your new Cricut machine, there can also be an overwhelming feeling around how to get started. Common questions we hear from our members who are just getting started are:

  • What do I need to get started making?
  • What materials should I use for “X” project?
  • How do I know I am selecting the right materials for my project and what else do I need aside from the machine and the material?

We are excited to de-mystify the material selection process with this handy-dandy (and printable!) Cricut Materials Cheatsheet for Beginners. In it, you will find what Cricut Materials are great for the projects you want to make, the different types of materials Cricut has to offer (shoutout to Smart Materials!), as well as anything else you need or need-to-know before getting started. Once you’ve selected the right materials for your project, head to Cricut Learn to take a course and learn everything you need to know about making with that material.

Does this help?

Let us know if you find cheatsheets like this one useful, and what other kinds of cheatsheets or guides would be helpful for you as you make your crafting dreams a reality by taking part in the Cricut Group on Facebook. Hooray for no more material mysteries!