Cricut-made gifts for your college town “family”

2 June 2022

With the school year coming to a close, a great way to show gratitude to those who have supported you is by customizing a memorable gift for them. If you have a select few you can call “family” in your home away from home, consider yourself lucky. A great way to show your love back are with some personalized gifts made from the heart.

If you’re at all like me, you love gift-giving—no matter whom you’re gifting to. Whether they are friends and roommates, teachers and coaches, bosses and mentors, I always have just the right gift in mind to create for them.

Travel tags

If I’ve noticed one thing in college, it’s that there is always someone traveling. Traveling to-and-from your college town, studying abroad, or even just weekend road-tripping, you are bound to know someone on the go. I created these adorable luggage tags as a way to show my adventurous friends I am always there for them—symbolism makes a wonderful gifting guide!

Box filled with treats

A go-to Cricut project I cannot get enough of are cardstock gift boxes. They are so easy to make and endlessly versatile. A customized gift box is meaningful, and just as exciting to receive as it is to give. Create these boxes as a temporary farewell for your roommates or a thank you gift for your professors.


How much more personal can you get than your name? Give the gift of a customized nameplate to graduating seniors, newly-promoted peers, or your favorite professors or teacher’s aides. Use a Cricut machine to cut, draw, or stencil your nameplate, then add some shapes and designs to really make them stand out at the office!

Personalized picture frame

A classic memento of friendship and memories is a photograph. A custom frame can help level up any photo so it remains on display for years to come. Leaving your college “family” can be hard, even if only for a few months, so framed photos of your favorite moments with your favorite people can help keep the memories alive.

As always, Cricut exceeded my expectations and helped bring my ideas to life. Whoever the recipient may be, you can personalize these gifts to fit their personality, their occupation, a shared memory, or add a little something for them to remember you by.

Show off your summer break parting gifts by tagging #Cricut on social media. I can’t wait to see what ideas you all have!