Cricut customers are the best

21 January 2020

Here at Cricut, we’ve long touted that we have the best customers in the world.  You are creative, inspiring and kind.  Today, we add amazing to the list of adjectives we use to describe our customers and that’s thanks to the kind heart of Valerie W.

Last week, Valerie’s day started out just like any other day, then her Cricut order arrived on her doorstep.  Ready to make, Valerie opened the package to discover she had received more than she ordered.  In her Cricut box amongst her vinyl and iron-on, was a wedding band!

Valerie contacted Cricut Member Care to inquire as to whether someone at the fulfillment center had lost a ring.  Sure enough, Flo, a team member’s ring slipped off during work and she did not notice until it was too late.  Cricut Member Care sent Valerie a return shipping label and she was gracious enough to drop off the ring that very day to ensure that it was returned to its rightful owner!!

Thank you Valerie for turning a very bad day for one of our team members into an incredibly inspiring story of kindness!