Cricut Contributing Artist series: Sarah Hickman

14 June 2024

Sarah Hickman, a talented artist from Missouri, has filled Design Space with fun and playful designs that evoke happiness. Sarah’s journey with Cricut and her artistic endeavors have been inspiring. Let’s dive into her creative world and discover what makes her art unique and delightful. 

How did you find Cricut, and why did you join the Contributing Artist Program? 

I’ve been a Cricut crafter for years! I’ve used my Cricut for countless projects. I started creating digital art and would occasionally upload my own creations for the Cricut to cut/draw for me. After hearing that Cricut had a program for contributing artists, I eagerly hopped on the website to learn more. I LOVE being a part of this community of makers! 

Where did your artistic journey begin? 

I’ve been artistic since I was a kid, and I’ve always been a crafter as well. I discovered bullet journaling while messing around on YouTube during late-night feeding sessions with my first baby. Afterward, I got hooked on doodling and hand lettering. Then, I started doing digital design, which is a true passion now! 

What does creativity mean to you? 

Creativity is having fun and growing your abilities! Many people don’t give themselves credit for being creative, but creativity can be developed! It’s all about experimenting and seeing what brings you joy! 

Who or what inspires you to create, and why? 

I’m inspired by playfulness and happiness! I love making things I know will make my two little boys laugh. 🙂 The things I make will be uplifting and fun and bring a smile to those who see my work. 

What is your favorite type of craft, or what project have you created that you are most proud of? 

I’m most proud of recently illustrating my first children’s book! It is truly a dream come true that I was able to work with a fantastic author and bring her vision to life. 

Describe your artistic style in one word. 

Playful, cheery, fun – I love to create pieces that inspire and bring smiles. 

Are you a clean or messy person? 

Clean, all the way! Specifically, I’m very organized. I always enjoy organizing and re-organizing my things! 

Do you collect anything? 

I collect little things. It started with a typesetter drawer that I purchased at a market. I hung it on the wall as a shelf, and I love finding tiny things to put in each little cubby. 

What is your spirit animal, and why? 

The otter! I’m all about that playful lifestyle, but you can also catch me lounging around and cuddling my people whenever I can. 🙂 

Sarah’s creations in Design Space are a testament to her artistic evolution and the power of creativity and community. Her playful and cheerful designs bring joy not only to her family but also to the wider Cricut community.

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