Cricut Contributing Artist series: Olivia & Johanna

17 May 2024

Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with Olivia and Johanna, two talented sisters from Grenoble, France, who bring their unique artistic flair to the Cricut Contributing Artist Program. Let’s dive in and discover what inspires their creativity and fuels their passion for crafting magic! 

How did you find Cricut, and why did you join the Contributing Artist Program? 

We stumbled upon the enchanting world of Cricut while on a quest to create our stickers. After getting our hands on our first Cricut machine, the Maker 3, we were drawn to the Contributing Artist Program like moths to a flame. As passionate illustrators, it was the perfect platform to share our art with fellow Cricut enthusiasts and the wider Design Space community. 

Where did your artistic journey begin?  

Our artistic journey is a tale woven into the fabric of our family. With an artist mother and a father immersed in the world of typography, creativity flows through our veins. From childhood, we have been surrounded by art, scrapbooking, and a love for all things creative; it’s safe to say creativity is our family legacy! 

What does creativity mean to you? 

Creativity is the very essence of our existence. The vibrant pulse drives us to express ourselves and infuse magic into the world around us. Drawing inspiration from nature’s palette, we breathe life into our illustrations, crafting a kaleidoscope of color and imagination. 

Who or what inspires you to create, and why? 

Nature is our muse, whispering tales of wonder and beauty. The vivid hues, intricate patterns, and fleeting moments of the natural world fuel our creativity. We strive to capture the essence of nature’s magic in our artworks, infusing each creation with a touch of whimsy and allure. 

What is your favorite type of craft, or what project have you created that you are most proud of? 

We’re smitten with stationery and stickers—the perfect canvas for our whimsical illustrations! Whether adorning our phones, notebooks, or planners, there’s something magical about adding a personal touch to everyday items.

Describe your artistic style in one word. 

Floral! Our style celebrates nature’s bounty, infused with vibrant colors and handmade charm. Inspired by the Alpine landscapes of our hometown, our illustrations evoke a sense of enchantment and joy. 

What is your spirit animal?  

Olivia resonates with the free-spirited fox, drawn to the night’s mystical allure and the forest’s untamed beauty. Johanna finds kinship with the graceful butterfly, embodying lightness, dreams, and a touch of whimsy. 

Aside from the necessities, what is one thing you could not go a day without? 

Olivia treasures her trusty backpack, which she carries with her essentials as she explores the world around her. Meanwhile, Johanna’s indispensable companion is her digital tablet, which is a portal to her creative vision wherever she goes. 

Favorite Cricut product and why? 

Our beloved Cricut Maker 3 takes the crown, effortlessly transforming our illustrations into delightful sticker sheets. And let’s not forget the Cricut Joy, a pint-sized powerhouse that lets us craft on the go! 

A glimpse into the whimsical world of Olivia and Johanna, two sisters weaving magic through their art in the heart of Grenoble. With Cricut as their trusty sidekick, there’s no limit to the enchanting creations they’ll conjure up next. Explore more of Olivia and Johanna’s creations in Design Space!

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