Cricut Access kindness images: being kind is cool

19 March 2021

With thousands of images being added to Cricut Access each week, here’s the scoop on all the kindness and positive energy images we’ve recently added to Design Space!

It’s a new year and another reason to kick things off on a positive note. These images are a great way to leave a trail of kindness wherever you go! Decorate apparel, such as shirts and hats, bags, or make stickers to give to those around you. Leave a kind message for yourself on your mirror as a constant reminder that being kind is cool or to keep the good vibes flowing.

Good Vibes Only

Kindness Images - Cricut Access image set: Good Vibes Only.

Cool to be Kind

Cricut Access image set: Cool to be Kind - Kiness images.

Erin Wilson – Human Kind

Cricut Access image set: Erin Wilson - Human Kind

Being kind is universal! No matter where you are from, we have something for you to create and share with those you care about and these International Sentiment Gift Tags are perfect for all your loved ones around the world.

International Sentiment Gift Tags

Cricut Access image set: International Sentiment Gift Tags

Our draw feature on our machines provides an even more personal touch to all of your projects. Want to leave a note behind that looks handwritten? The Be Kind Designs set has some draw options for your personalized projects.

Be Kind Designs

Some more kindness images -Cricut Access image set: Be Kind

There are many more images recently added to Cricut Access! Search for any of these images sets in Design Space by their name, or check out the Recently Added tab under Highlighted Categories in Design Space to see all the new images being added. Make sure to check back on the blog for more highlights of our favorite new images!