Christi Panagio blooms where she’s planted

20 October 2021

This feature on Christi Panagio is part of a multi-story series on women in Cricut in South Africa for Women's Month.

Christi Panagio, South African actress and professional presenter, joins Cricut in South Africa to help support our greater awareness in the region. With a very active social media base, Christi’s happy-go-lucky approach to life perfectly fits with her mission of spreading goodness and creativity wherever she goes.

Leaning heavily on making the best of any situation, Christi likes to say that she “blooms where she is planted.” According to Christi, as long as her family and ability to create with her Cricut Joy is a part of her day, she is happy.

As a talented designer, Christi creates all of her own work. Using her Cricut machine for decorations and finishing touches for entertaining, she makes crafting a family affair by making with her daughters. Together, they make everything from birthday party decor to personalized settings for dinner parties.

Christi makes even more with her Cricut, designing custom goods for family and friends. Some of her favourites include t-shirts, cards, and gift tags. custom designed t-shirts for her family and friends, cards and gift tags is some of her favourite things to make.

Enjoy this video ofChristi Panagio as we talk to her more about what inspires her.

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