How one mom threw her daughter the bachelorette party of her dreams

20 May 2024

When Natilie Thompson’s daughter, Torey, got engaged, she knew she wanted to throw her the ultimate camp-themed bachelorette party. The camp theme holds a special meaning to the bride-to-be, so it would be a key focus of the celebrations.

With her Cricut machine, Natilie was able to create various projects such as decor, games, and party favors for the guests. The effort she put into handmaking these items created a memorable night that her daughter and her guests would never forget.

Camp themed bachelorette party smores station

How did you and your daughter come up with the camp theme for the bachelorette party?

“My daughter Torey is the bride and asked her sister, Taylor, to be the maid of honor, so it was really a family affair. We were looking for a fun bachelorette theme that exuded sisterhood, comfort, and aligned with our personal values. Torey loves the outdoors and the camp theme evolved from there. The girls came up with the ideas and then I designed them with their input.”

Camp themed bachelorette party matching sweatshirts made with Cricut

What was your favorite project to make?

“All of the guests loved the sweatshirts and mentioned that they would actually wear them again outside of the party, but I think my favorite was the postcards. All good camps have the kids write letters home! So we adapted that theme of writing letters, and had all of the guests write advice or well wishes to Torey. Within the “Utah” letters we put the locations of their first date, first kiss, etc. which were little clues for some games we played later that night.”

Camp themed bachelorette party postcards and stickers made with Cricut

What was your daughter’s favorite project?

“Torey loved the sweatshirts, and we actually had one guest not be able to make it, and her fiancé was thrilled that it was his size. He really thought they were cool!”

How did the bachelorette party guests react to all the Cricut projects?

“They loved all of the details. The sweatshirts were comfy, and they loved the personalized stickers. We did three different stickers – the shield was the wedding date, the pennants had the guests names, and then we did a Smokey the Bear in her wedding colors. They even loved the trail mix favors. It really is the small details that take a party from ordinary to extraordinary.”

Camp themed bachelorette party favors made with Cricut

What advice would you give to someone who may be interested in using Cricut for their wedding celebrations?

“The possibilities are endless when it comes to the things you can do with your Cricut. I kept thinking of extra things that we could do, but we ran out of time! Not only was the Cricut great for her bridal shower (we made a darling bird banner) and her bachelorette party (camp theme), but we also used it for the signage at her wedding. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, find your own style and run with it. The sky’s the limit! Small details make a big difference. We could have done so much more, but the small things we did make were a huge impact for not a lot of money.”

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