4 March 2021
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You’ll spend nighttime feedings, diaper changes, and countless hours soothing your little one into naptime in your baby’s nursery, so it should feel like a haven for them – and for you!

The nursery may belong to baby, but that doesn’t mean it can’t feel like part of your home, too. Make your baby’s nursery your own with three easy personal touches that will bring your bond to life in the walls of your own home.

Design Ideas for Nursery using Cricut.

Words to live by

Letterboards are one of the most customizable décor items. They can be ever-changing and made to say whatever you want. Whether you need a “you can do this” style mantra to get you through sleepless nights or a favorite quote to help you while you’re bringing up baby, a letterboard can help you say it all. 

Design ideas for the nursery - Wooden mobile for baby nursery.

Staying neutral

Neutrals aren’t going anywhere when it comes to home décor trends and the calming presence they bring into your living space and bedroom should be evidence enough to incorporate them into your child’s nursery.

Cricut Jungle themed baby nursery room decor ideas .

A castle fit for a queen

Diaper changing, sweatpants covered in spit-up, and a wailing little one in the early morning hours don’t exactly scream luxury – but that doesn’t mean your nursery can’t. Incorporate fancy potted plants (even if they’re faux – one less thing to take care of), cozy pillows, and a seat you’ll feel comfortable rocking your baby in for hours to up the ante in the glam department. You’re raising a whole human – you should feel powerful!

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