Avis aux étudiants : la Cricut Joy est faite pour vous

16 May 2023

Finding time for a creative outlet in college can be challenging. As full-time students, we live in a fast-paced environment, and waking up not exactly knowing what to expect from the day can be stressful. In my college years, I’ve learned having a hobby to relax and distract the mind from daily stressors is essential.

Cricut crafting is an amazing outlet, but can be challenging considering the limited amount of space we have. Luckily, the Cricut Joy, a “small but mighty” machine, is used to create a variety of our favorite crafts. College students looking to save time, space, and money on crafting may find the solution in Cricut Joy.

Quick crafting

In college, time is a valuable commodity and it’s hard to decide how to use it. The good news is that crafting with Cricut Joy is great for fast little projects! Cricut Joy is best known for its wide assortment of cards and organizational labels, which it can cut in 15 minutes or less.

Additionally, small garment iron-ons and infusible ink designs can be created with Cricut Joy. This is great when making custom shirts and gear for games, tailgates, or Greek life events! Just create your design or text in Design Space, use iron-on vinyl in your school colors, and fire up your Cricut Joy to cut out the design.

The machine also has a Bluetooth feature to easily connect to your phone’s Cricut Joy App. Crafting on the go is embodied by the Cricut Joy machine. New Cricut Joy materials, such as Writable Vinyl and Smart Dissolvable Paper, also make projects easier and more innovative for any college student.

Compact machine & materials

Getting creative and making wow-worthy projects sometimes requires lots of materials and workspace. As I mentioned, college housing is not usually the most spacious, so using the small Cricut Joy and its compact materials solves this problem for you. The machine is just under 8.5 inches wide and weighs less than 4 lbs, so crafts can be created just about anywhere. Cut storage space in half with the machine’s size and 5.5-inch tall vinyl rolls!

Affordable options

At this point, we know being in college is expensive, and crafting supplies are not (always) a necessity. However, Cricut Joy is a more affordable machine option that is great for college students and our budgets. Financially responsible crafting is an important part of being a creative college student, and Cricut Joy materials are a perfect gift to give and receive as well.

This machine offers several benefits that perfectly suit the college lifestyle. If you’re hoping to start crafting or try something new, this machine is a perfect way to start. Let us know what you love about your Cricut Joy on social media using #cricut!