Iconic Sweet Treats Now In Cricut Design Space!

4 June 2024 by rblasina

Do you have a sweet tooth? You can now find the the culinary icons from your childhood in Cricut Design Space! 

These delicious treats should come with a cuteness warning! Everything from Lamingtons to Pavlova to Iced VoVos to childhood birthday favourites such as; Fairy Bread, Honey Joys and Chocolate Crackles. The whole gang is here, thanks to local Cricut contributing artist Mimi Rossano. Find more of her designs here

Can’t choose your favourite? Create a sticker sheet with all the iconic delicious treats, so you can enjoy them all! Pop them on your laptop, phone, kindle, water bottle or notebook, wherever you choose and be the envy of your friends!  

Are they Aussie icons, are they Kiwi icons? Who cares, as long as we have delectable local icons in Design Space for everyone to enjoy! 😉  We’ve added all the sweet treats to a sticker sheet project, ready to go. Create your own customisable project here! Sweetness guaranteed!