Why we appreciate teachers

29 April 2020

Teachers are educators, mentors, helpers, and creators.

Teachers inspire us every day. Whether you grew up with a teacher that made a lasting impact or hear your kid’s talk about how much they love their classes, teachers are an important part of our lives.

We also see their limitless creativity. From homemade classroom decor to custom crafts for students that drive positivity and learning, we remain humbled by the capacity of their imagination. There are so many teachers in the Cricut community making amazing things.

So we’ve dedicated this to you and creative teachers everywhere.

We want to celebrate your stories, inspire other teachers with your unique ideas and spotlight how students, and parents, can stay connected during this time by making together.

Celebrating teacher stories

We’re always looking for ways to connect with teachers from our community. This group of teachers helped us understand the projects that mean the most when their students craft for them.

Why we appreciate teachers

Here are other stories from the community that demonstrate how one idea can make a big difference.

A unique take on giving flowers

This unique take on giving flowers made us smile. Kaitlyn, a Kindergarten special education teacher, personalized these flowers with vinyl to stick in her students’ yards to help them stay more connected. These are sure to bring smiles to their faces.

Making face masks for students

Linh Hang used her Cricut to cut out face masks for her students using an alphabet pattern. We love how Linh created these not only to fulfill an important need but to be kind to her students. We love the fabric choice she chose as well. You can view the free pattern Linh used in Design Space.

A T-shirt to remember

Jean Haan wanted something to remember her Kindergarten class of 2019-2020. She had parents send student signatures so she could upload them, cut on her Cricut, and iron on onto a T-shirt. She gave us a tip that to get the best transfer onto a T-shirt, make sure kids use markers to write their names.

“I love you a llama”

Amy Clark’s theme for her first grade classroom this year was llamas. With everyone out of the classroom she wanted to find a way to bring the fun of her classroom theme to her students virtually. She created this “I love you a llama” sign to stay close to her kids and bring them joy.

Mrs. Lopez as a cartoon cutout

Charina Russo-Lopez was searching for ways to stay close to her students during this time. She came up with the idea to create herself into a flat cartoon cutout. She told us she used the Print Then Cut feature on her Cricut. Her students received a cutout of Mrs. Lopez in the mail so she can be with them when they’re learning at home.

Projects for teachers and for the classroom

There are thousands of projects in Design Space that you can make if you’re a teacher or for your teacher. You can also make projects from scratch with inspiration you find in the world.

Quick cards

Personalized ideas for teachers

T-shirts and Accessories

Great products for teachers

From paper to vinyl to cutting machines and even, scissors, there are all kinds of Cricut products that are great for teachers and the classroom. Click through to see a few favorites.