A cup of customization with these 5 DIY mug designs

1 October 2021

Cozy weather calls for a cup of your favorite fall beverage.

Whether you’re enjoying cocoa, coffee, or tea, Cricut has all the DIY mug designs you need to make a statement with these seasonal sips.

Mug making is a great hobby you can use to create personalized drinkware and gifts. As an added bonus, you can use your creations for years to come! We’ve highlighted five of our favorite designs below, suited to different personalities and materials, to show how you can craft your own DIY mug designs with Cricut machines.

Fabulous foiled mugs

Gold, silver, and copper foils can add a subtle shine to your morning cup. Southwestern-inspired designs, like our cactus and llama mugs, add quirky yet upscale character to any mug they’re applied to. Craft this set with Cricut’s Permanent Vinyl materials in the metallic colors of your choosing. We also recommend selecting a gold-handled mug for additional shimmer!

Modern, geometric glass mugs

Glass = class, or at least according to this new mug trend. Glass mugs are a wonderful option for baristas looking to better show off their coffee creations. They also make a classy desk organizer for colorful odds and ends! Adding a chic geometric pattern to your glass mugs is a great way to spice up the design without compromising its crystal-clear quality.

Plant protecting mugs

With organic modern design all the rage, many are looking for creative ways to display greenery in the home. Mugs are a great option for smaller plant pals and new growths. Our Paulie the plant design even puts a name to the face– er, leaf? Feel free to customize it to fit your newest botanical buddy.

Monogrammed mugs

Nothing makes a personal statement like a crisp monogram. Our Design Space library houses a variety of mug monogram projects to suit your individuality, like this personalized drawn mug monogram. This particular project uses Infusible Ink pens and the Cricut Mug Press to offer a one-of-a-kind, hand drawn look. Make one for yourself, then gift an entire alphabet to friends and family!

Memory making mugs

Speaking of gifts, mugs are a wonderful way to commemorate an occasion. Whether celebrating a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, a custom mug is an everlasting reminder of happy moments with those you care about the most.

Which of these mug designs are you inspired to make? Show us your perfectly pressed creations on social using the #Cricutmade hashtag!