8 April 2021
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As the beginning of Ramadan approaches, we’ve rounded up nine of our favorite projects you can make for the celebration.

You can find all of these projects by searching Ramadan in Design Space.

Festive Wall Lantern

Create and showcase these beautiful lanterns as centerpieces on your Iftar tables to brighten up the night. Nobody would believe these were made out of paper.

Festive Ramadan wall lantern made with Cricut.

Flourish Bookmarks

These beautiful bookmarks are great for holding your place in the Quran. With only three colors of paper, you can make multidimensional bookmarks.

Ramadan bookmarks.

Eid Mubarak Accent Banner

Hang these “Blessed Festival” banners anywhere in your house or yard to welcome in the state of Ramadan.

Ramadan accent banner - Eid Mubarak

Beautiful Flourish

Ramadan themed envelope.

Long Floral Envelope

Charitable contributions have never looked so stunning with these floral envelopes.

Floral Ramadan styled envelope.

Elegant Wall Clock

This elegant clock was inspired by Arabic and Islamic designs to another touch of tradition to your Ramadan décor.

Ramadan themed clock face made with Cricut.

Classy Eid Card

Ramadan themed classy Eid card made with Cricut.

Trifold Eid Card

Cards perfect to give to all your friends and family during the Ramadan holiday.

Ramadan card.

Radiant Moon Lantern

This “Hilal” would make a beautiful centerpiece to any Iftar table or could be hung from the ceiling or window to mark the beginning of the new month.

Ramadan themed moon lantern.

Tell us what projects you’re making for Ramadan this year and if there’s anything else you’d love for us to add to our project library in Design Space. Make sure you’re also sharing your projects with us on social media using #cricutmade.