8 ideas for a space themed party

12 July 2023

Host an out-of-this-world celebration with a space themed party! From invitations to decorations, you’ll be able to create these all with your Cricut machine. We’ve rounded up eight stellar ideas to help you throw an unforgettable party!

Space bowling

A great activity you can do for your space themed party is bowling. While you may not feel like it fits the space theme, all you have to do is decorate it! Just use some glow-in-the-dark vinyl, and you’ve got yourself a cool game of space bowling!

Space cake topper

Whether you’re having a themed party or a birthday party, cakes are a must! Sometimes decorating a cake is hard and doesn’t turn out the way you want, but with your Cricut you can make the perfect cake topper! This space cake topper is a great addition to any plain cake, and the best part is that the design won’t get eaten!

Space birthday banner

Banners are a great addition to any party and helps tie the theme together. And if you’re throwing a themed space party instead of a birthday party, you can just change the letters to have it spell out something else. Either way, this space birthday banner is out of this world!

Space treat bag

Thank you favors are a fun way to thank your guests for coming to your party. And these space treat bags are good way to say your thanks in a space themed way!

Rocket wall decal

If you’re feeling up for a larger project, this rocket wall decal is a great space project! You can use removable vinyl to create this project that way you can remove it once your party is over.

Space rosettes

To add a little more space to your party, you can make these space rosettes. If you don’t feel like committing to a wall decal, these are a great alternative. Just use some cardstock and tape it up to your walls for some fun party décor.

Space invite

If you’re throwing a party, you’ll need some way to invite your guests. And this space card will give a hint of what theme you’re party will be. To add some customization, just use whatever color you want your space party to be!

I need space shirt

You might also want a themed shirt to commemorate the occasion. This I need space t-shirt is the perfect candidate. That way, when the party ends, everyone will know that you just need some space!

While this is not an exhaustive list of all the space party projects you can make, this is sure to give you a good start for your space themed party. If you create any of these projects, make sure to tag us on social using #Cricut so we can see what you’ve made!