8 gifts to make for the plant lover

25 April 2023

Are you looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for the plant lover in your life? Here are 8 DIY gifts that are perfect for the green thumbs in your life.

1. Heartfelt card

Let your plant friend know you’re always rooting for them with a plant-inspired card. This plant card is interactive and expresses each thing you love about them.

2. Tote bags

A tote bag is a cute and practical gift that serves many purposes. Whether using it for a school bag, book bag, or shopping bag, we’re sure your plant-loving friend will appreciate this gift. Use iron-on vinyl or infusible ink to customize a tote bag with one of these fun images in Design Space!

  • Hanging Plants: #MAEF3C65 in Design Space.
  • Plant Types: #MF044FF3 in Design Space.
  • Monstera: #MF045036 in Design Space.

3. Paper terrarium

Not every plant lover has a green thumb, so if your recipient has trouble keeping plants alive, this paper terrarium would make a great gift. Grab some cardstock in shades of green, light blue and cream to make this Paper Terrarium.

4. Planters and pots

A plant lover can never have too many plants. And with that, comes a lot of planters and pots. Pick up some plain planters and customize them to fit the vibe of whoever you’re gifting to. Use Herb Box labels for your favorite gardener, or plant puns for a cheekier gift.

5. Mugs

Everyone loves custom mugs that just speak to their personalities. With a Cricut Mug Press and infusible ink, choose one of the many plant images in Design Space to create this gift!

Paulie the Plant Mug in Design Space

6. Wall art

Plants are normally used as décor, but they can also be the inspiration for décor, like these unique fern art pieces. You’ll need some blank canvases, paint, and stencil vinyl to cut your design on. You can find this Fern Wall Art and instructions in Design Space.

7. Bouquet of flowers

Flowers are one of the most common gifts, but they never last as long as we’d like. The best thing about paper flowers is that don’t require much maintenance, and they don’t die. Gift this Spring flower bouquet to your favorite plant lover who doesn’t necessary have the greenest thumb.

8. Plant shirts

Is your friend a succa for puns? If so, then a funny, playful shirt is perfect for them! Put your favorite plant pun on a shirt using iron-on or infusible ink for a gift that lets them know you think they’re pretty fly for a cacti.

The best parts of these gifts are that they are thoughtful and made by you. Post and share which gifts inspired you to give by using #cricut.