6 eye-catching graduation cap designs for 2021

14 May 2021

The feeling of excitement in the air is all too tangible– why? Graduation season is finally upon us!

After arduous months of online learning and countless challenges, students are prepped to begin their next chapter with enthusiastic optimism. 

All grads deserve to look and feel their best while acknowledging their achievements. Amongst all the regalia, we understand that none is quite as iconic as the graduation cap. As you move your tassel from right to left, make the most of the moment with custom details that showcase your personality and accomplishment. With inspiration from these 6 stunning graduation cap designs, you’ll be celebrating your special moment in style.  

The “I’m Done”  

This cap says it all– and quite clearly! A simple vinyl design with block lettering creates a bold, tongue-in-cheek statement that is sure to capture attention from across the room. Mix it up with additional vinyl embellishments, or play around with different colors to match your school’s theme.  

Graduation cap designs.

Look lovely with layers

A beautiful, layered design can bring an eye-catching dimension to your cap. Created with a spectrum of colored cardstock, this monochromatic look draws everyone in with carefully crafted details. Don’t let its complex features fool you, though, this cap is super simple to make with cardstock and adhesive! 

Graduation cap design.

Give it the royal treatment 

With all the fanfare and well-wishes, earning a diploma does oftentimes feel like a royal occasion. This grad cap design is truly fit for a queen, boasting regal cursive type and a fun glitter print. Once you’ve finished this project, your cap will begin to feel like a crown.

Design for Graduation cap.

Finally finished

Many students have been anxiously awaiting the next phase of their lives. Though they’re sure to cherish the memories they’ve made along the way, nothing is more thrilling than the prospect of new beginnings. This cap celebrates the spirit of a fresh start with gorgeous gradient and script reminiscent of cotton candy skies. Here’s to looking ahead!

Graduation cap design using Cricut.

Fun and floral

Everything’s coming up roses with this graduation cap design. Rows of handmade paper flowers offer an elegant touch, and alternating your alma mater’s colors creates a look that shouts school pride. You’ll wow the crowd with garden-like florals as your cap and career are in full bloom! 

Custom Floral Graduation cap design.

The grateful grad 

A shout out to the ones we love most, this graduation cap is all about gratitude. Many of us wouldn’t be where we are today without our family, so this season is the perfect time to express our thanks for all the support offered along life’s journey thus far. Combine text, patterns, and colorful imagery that pops to show your appreciation with a fun flair.

Graduation cap design idea - Thanks Mom & Dad.

With a bit of maker magic, you’ll have a captivating cap in no time. Share which graduation cap designs you’ll be creating in the comment section below, or check out our trendy graduation party ideas and continue your seasonal celebration with Cricut!