5 ways to streamline your storage

22 November 2022

The perfect time to declutter is now. Storage and organization don’t have to be boring. Check out these simple ways to clean up your home and add some DIY creativity to your organization.

1. Memory album

Keep all your precious memories in one place with this customized memory album.

Find this Memory Album project in Design Space.

2. Mom’s treasures keepsake box

Remember your favorite things about Mom with this acrylic case you can put on display.

Find this Mom’s Treasures Keepsake Box in Design Space.

3. Arch storage box

Who said storage can’t be cute? Customize your boxes with this cute design.

Find this Wit & Delight Storage Box Arch Decor in Design Space.

4. Numbered magazine holders

Organize all your magazines in a cute and functional way!

Find this Wit & Delight Numbered Magazine Boxes in Design Space.

5. Linen closet labels

Now you can have an organized linen closet and know exactly what is in every box!

Find this Linen Closet Labels in Design Space.