5 Cricut projects for a groovy bachelorette party

21 May 2024

Are you ready to take your bachelorette party to another decade? With Cricut, you can add a personal touch and a whole lot of flair to your wedding celebrations. From vibrant decorations to funky attire, Cricut makes it easy to create a memorable event that’s uniquely you. Here are five groovy project ideas you can make with your Cricut that will make your bachelorette bash a hit!

1. Bachelorette Party Games

Design custom game cards for classic bachelorette games like “Bridal Bingo” or “How Well Do You Know the Bride?” Use your Cricut to cut out unique shapes and add personalized touches to each card. These little details will make the games even more special and enjoyable.

2. Personalized Bachelorette Apparel

What’s a bachelorette party without matching outfits? Plan a slumber party under the disco balland cut out personalized iron-on vinyl decals for matching PJ sets your bridal party will keep forever. Want a night out with your best bridal party? Go beyond the normal sashes and cut out vinyl decals on some groovy shades to go out and party in style.

3. DIY Bachelorette Party Favors

Don’t let your best chiquititas leave your bachelorette party empty handed. Make a personalized gift box for your favorite dancing queens for the big day. Add in a shot glass, hair tie, keychain, and more…all personalized specifically for them. Create groovy themed wine bags to send them home with a bottle to show how much you appreciate them.

4. Bachelorette Party Drinkware

Transform your party space with DIY bachelorette party decorations that scream “groovy!” Spice up the drinking games with personalized cups and shots with your groovy theme.

5. Groovy Photo Booth Props for Bachelorette Parties

Capture all the fun of the night with a flower arch or a disco dancing sign. Recreate these in Design Space in the groovy colors of your choice. Your Cricut can cut out these projects with ease, and the photos from your wild night will be unforgettable.

Let’s Get Crafting!

With these Cricut projects, your bachelorette party will be a groovy, unforgettable event. Whether you’re crafting custom invitations, funky decorations, or personalized favors, Cricut makes it easy to add that special touch to your celebration. So grab your supplies, get creative, and let’s make this party one to remember!

Make these projects in Design Space

Share Your Creations

We’d love to see your amazing bachelorette party projects! Share your creations with us on social media using the hashtag #cricut. Happy crafting!

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