4 tips for setting up your home office

January 18, 2022

For some, working from home has become the norm. And while it seems easy, time efficient, and ideal, the line between work life and home life blurs.

To clearly define your workspace — and help keep your focus on deliverables and not the mounting laundry pile — set up your desk to be organized, hold all stationary and work needs, and remove any/all home items from the space.

1. Get to work

Designate an area of work. It could be an open tabletop, a spare room or a corner of a larger room. Set up your command center and figure out your needs—will you need a desk, chair, lamp, filing cabinet, etc?

Source electronic items that will make working from home easier. For example, if you work in front of a computer all day, consider getting a desktop screen or two. Pick up a wireless mouse. If you’re in Zoom calls all day, grab a ring light and some headphones, so your coworkers can see and hear you clearly.  

2. Get organized

Once you set up your home office, size up your needs and measure your space. Organizing is daunting, but it’s important to not over analyze. Break it down and figure out your immediate needs. Do you file paperwork away? Do you need to store paperclips, pens, highlighters and other stationary needs?

After you figure out what you need to keep your space tidy, measure your storage area. Then source storage options and refer back to your measurements to make sure the bins will fit.

3. Get labeling

Once you have your organizational supplies, make it atheistically pleasing! Label your heart out. Cricut’s Design Space has many label projects for every room in your home.

For filing needs, use the Days of the Week Folder Labels project. Each label is approximately 1.8” x 0.7” in size and is customizable. You’ll need Smart Label Writeable Vinyl and Cricut Gel Pens.

In no time, you can complete the project and have your files organized and ready for use.  

Remember those storage items you picked up? Label those too. Also in Design Space, this Dainty Desk Organizers project is ready for customization in 30 minutes. You’ll use the aforementioned Smart Label Writeable Vinyl and a Cricut Extra Fine Point Pen.


You’re set up for success. As you utilize your space day after day, you may want to tweak things here and there. But now you’re ready to make Monday your bestie.