10 easy DIY wedding gift ideas

14 May 2024

The enchanting summer air calls not only for love but for weddings. As a guest, weddings can add up, but thankfully there are ways to cut the costs without cutting the occasion altogether. Giving a gift to the newlyweds can be daunting, whether there’s a registry or not. With Cricut, you can engage yourself in crafts to give meaningful gifts to your loved ones on their special day. 

These are ten useful, thoughtful, hand-made gifts you can give this wedding season: 

Wedding Day Photo Album

Love and memories are what weddings are all about—coincidentally, photo albums capture and hold all that love and memory. A personalized photo album makes a tenderhearted gift that ensures the couple’s happiest moments are safely stored for time to come.  

Photo Quilt

If your love for crafting extends beyond Cricut, making the couple a photo quilt of their relationship could be the gift for you. Design Space has countless quilt patterns to choose from, and including images of the couple in the quilt makes it oh-so-beautiful!

Coaster Set

No item brings together a table spread quite like coasters. You can design and handmake a quality coaster set with a variety of Cricut materials for the newlyweds to use for ages. 

Gift box and Card

Sometimes handcrafted gift packaging makes what’s inside even better. With Cricut, you have endless options of boxes, bags, cards, and more to make the perfect gift wrap you know the couple will enjoy. 

Personalized Tray

For those who enjoy breakfast in bed on the weekends or hosting in the evenings, a custom serving tray is an ideal wedding gift. There are many ways to decorate a tray to suit the couple’s lifestyle, and it acts as a classy decoration when it’s not in use. 

Wedding Cake Gift Card Holder

Occasionally, fiances ask for money to put toward a trip or savings, but this doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal touch. Design Space features a variety of card and cash holder projects so you can craft the perfect addition to an otherwise straightforward gift.

Custom Wine Bag

Whether it’s wine or whiskey, a bottle sleeve with a custom label of the couple’s name and wedding date will be a delectable reminder of their wedding day. Use iron-on, or print-then-cut an image onto printable iron-on, to make your gift stand out from the rest. 

Etched Glassware

Household accessories are always a hit wedding gift, because you know they’ll be put to good use. With Cricut, you can etch designs onto a set of glasses the couple is sure to love. 

Vow Books

Undeniably, the most emotional part of a wedding ceremony is during the exchange of vows. Personalizing a journal for the couple to keep their written vows and mementos from the wedding is a sentimental gift that will remain appreciated by the couple forever.  

Welcome Mat

There’s no better way to welcome home a newly married couple than to gift them a personalized doormat with their names. This gift is easy to make, and it’s the perfect balance between stylish and functional. 

This wedding season, you won’t show up empty-handed. Here at Cricut, we know the value of handmade crafts, so give a gift the happy couple will never forget!